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Finally Joomla!® 1.6 Has Arrived!

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This new version of Joomla includes more power, more control, and more options than ever before.

Learn more about Joomla 1.6.0

Rebuilt from the ground up in much of the application, this latest Joomla release will delight the casual site builder while helping small, medium, and enterprise businesses succeed in delivering web sites, intranets and applications to their respective markets.

Delivering power through simplicity, Joomla 1.6 ensures its place as the popular CMS of its kind. Joomla 1.6 delivers new features to end-users and site administrators including:

  • Finer access controls for viewing and editing content with configurable user groups and viewing levels
  • A user-defined category structure, from simple one-level to complex multi-level categories
  • Installation improvements allowing for multiple extension installations in one package, updatable with a single click
  • Expanded language support for easy production of multi-lingual sites
  • Start and end publishing times for modules with more control over where they display,
  • Fresh new templates and semantic markup to please the eye as well as the search engines
  • More creative control through template styles
  • Hundreds of additional features, streamlining workflow and productivity

With Joomla 1.6 developers will build extensions faster through all phases of design, deployment and updates.

Advanced and rich API’s will provide new opportunities to integrate, compete and expand into existing and new markets.

Style improvements give graphic designers more control and more flexibility to create the perfect effect for any web site and audience. Designers can now override virtually all output from the Joomla Administrator giving rise to new opportunities for functional, accessible or even mobile-friendly Administrator areas. Individual Administrator templates can be assigned to individual users allowing web masters to address any special needs.

To learn more, or to get started building your own Joomla 1.6 web site visit and download one of the world’s most popular free Open Source content management systems.

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Open Source CMS Drupal 7 is launched !

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In the spirit of the Holidays, the collaborators of Dutch-born CMS Drupal officially delivered their long-awaited version 7 on January 5.  (See Mike’s preview of Drupal 7 for more information.)  This new version comes 23 months after the release of version 6.  The homepage confidently describes version 7 as “easier to use, more flexible and more scalable.”  So, is it now ready to use in new sites?  And, just as importantly, is ready to migrate existing Drupal 6 (D6) sites to Drupal 7 (D7)?

The key points about Drupal 7:

  • D7 involved 30,000 custom made automated unit tests for each update.
  • After Drupal 6’s release, the reception was tepid until the stable release of a very important module — Views.  (Views for D7 is still in alpha.)
  • 880 of 7000 modules are now available for D7.
  • Drupal donations will be used to fly needy Drupal core developers (non-paid open source developers) to conventions.
  • Much thought is now being put into Drupal 8.  One push is to create dashboard views for users (logged in users, I believe he means) which are similar to movable Post-It notes.  Views and Webform will receive a lot of attention and redesign–to me this seems to indicate Views and Webform being included in core.
  • Drupal should adopt a fast release cycle like Yahoo (which reportedly releases updates 30ish times a day).

Here is comparisons of Drupal to competitors WordPress and Joomla.  WordPress takes 55% of CMS market share (although only 24% of sites use a CMS). Drupal takes a, not terribly impressive but certainly large, 5% of CMS market share.  WordPress and Joomla as fine CMS’s for small websites, but lacking in the large & enterprise website space.  Drupal, is aiming itself to be a platform to build corporate, product, community and internal sites.

Much of the new D7 functionality lies in the Drupal ORM, based loosely around PHP PDO (view a taste here).  The new database ORM looks to be written from scratch, as opposed to using an existing project like Doctrine ORM.  The goal is to truly make Drupal database agnostic, which seems to be a reality now.

The new database classes are also a step in the Object Oriented direction for Drupal, which is known for staying true to its procedural codebase.  This non-OO codebase was touched upon by Tom McCracken of LevelTen Design.  ‘I came from a Java and Ruby-on-Rails background where everything was Object Oriented.  When I started working with Drupal, I was like, what the heck is this?’.  McCracken goes on to state that he became a fan of Drupal because of it allows ‘Web Leaders’ to easily engage all the fast changing social networks of today.  He describes Drupal as being a tool for companies in the top 20% of their trade–the Web Leaders.

Is D7 ready for prime time?   Many database table names are different, the database ORM and non-ORM queries have a different syntax, the AHAH/AJAX processes are rewritten, ‘lots of major changes to the files handling system’, comment system has been overhauled, to name a few major differences.  Popular D7 modules which are not ready for production sites include: Organic Groups, Ubercart, Page Title, Calendar, Metadata, Views,  and Skinr (used in the popular Fusion themes).  That is just a short list. I’d say that I’m just as reluctant about pushing clients to buy development-hours for upgrading from D6 to D7.   There are certainly lots of neat improvements in D7 that I can’t wait to start using: a built-in admin menu which will probably make the ‘Admin Menu’ module obsolete, bundling poormanscron into core, and (better late than never) a UI mechanism for updating modules on the fly (WordPress-style).  But is D7 stable enough?  Looking at past history, D6 released 4 large updates within 6 months after its release.  One should probably expect the same for D7, and therefore shouldn’t be so quick to adopt such a new platform.

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LiteCommerce: eCommerce App. With Drupal CMS

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There are lots of Open-Source CMS+ E-commerce are there like Joomla +Virumart, Zen-cart with Blog, Magento etc.  Drupal is one of best open source CMS. There are few extension in Drupal for shopping cart but this LiteCommerce is really best for e-commerce.

LiteCommerce is an open source and free e-commerce application that integrates with Drupal to make use of the powerful CMS capabilities. The connection to Drupal is optional and it can also work as a standalone online store. Unlimited number of products or categories can be created, a product can belong to multiple categories and it has support for inventory tracking.


When connected to Drupal, it becomes more powerful in means of SEO as well with the ability to create search engine friendly URLs and custom meta tags.

The application has various options for easier marketing like wholesale pricing, discounts or gift certificates.

Shopping experience for the end-user is very smooth with Ajaxed catalog pages with a drag ‘n’ drop shopping cart, product images with zooming and more.

LiteCommerce Product Page

LiteCommerce, for now, integrates with PayPal, Google Checkout and Authorize.NET as the payment processors and has a flexible pricing functionality on every level (product, tax, shipping..). Users can view past orders, track shipping status and admins have many tools to manage the system including invoice printing and importing/exporting data. And, this e-commerce software has a detailed admin interface to control it easily.

You need to take help of professional designer, developer to develop professional looking Store using LiteCommerce and Drupal.  You can take our Hire PHP developer service. We provide affordable outsourcing service.

Requirements: PHP 5.3+, MySQL 5.0.3+
Frontend Demo:
Backend Demo:…

Virtuemart Webshop Development: The Leader in ecommerce solution

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Hire Joomla Developer | Webshop Development | Hire Joomla Designer

As Viruemart webshop development is an open source platform also the leader in e-commerce solution. Virtuemart platform provide ultimate flexibility to the website users tough the customer also enticed with its multiple features and greater flexibility module as well.

Through CSV and XML data convention importing different products into virtuemart  can be done easily. This is very much easy to import product through this than the other platform that are provided by the suppliers.

Virtuemart webshop provide all functionality required for standard e-commerce webshop required. Virtuemart is full functional open source shopping cart software with below features.

As there is no set up fess, initiation fees or no other hidden cost or charges. One only has to pay the regular charges and once the store is live you will be provided one-month free service for all cosmetic changes. Hiring can make any other changes by hourly basis appointing professional through any experienced development company. Outsourcing companies in this field provides 24×7 hour expert assistance. All this with best flexibility and greater affordability makes it the leader in e-commerce solution.

Zen-Cart Development – You Should Hire a Professional Zen-cart Developer

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This is an era of e-business. People prefer to go online for their day to day needs. To create your presence on internet you have to have ecommerce store for your business. Zen-Cart is the best solution for your ecommerce needs. There are lots of features available in Zen-Cart to fulfill the needs of your business specifically. You can get what you want with the help of Zen-Cart.

To make use of its all features you have to take help of an efficient Zen-cart developer so you can get benefits of all its features that will help you go ahead in your business. Their profound experience in their domain is one of the benefits of hiring Zen cart developer. To check their experience you should see their portfolio that should have various projects with different experiences.

The best way of hiring such Zen-cart developer is to hire them from a reputed outsourcing company. Outsourcing companies have such talent available at affordable rates. There are abundance of manpower where outsourcing companies operated. Plus they are working in market competition that keep their rates low. There are currency differences between the countries which take part in lowering the rates further.

The right choice of zencart developer ease your development process. Good Zen cart developer take understanding of your business first. Then develop right strategy for the development considering all needs of you and your business. They researching the market. Planning the project stages and finally put the input in it. This ensure that results are that you want.

Outsourcing companies take complete responsibility of their development. They finish the project on time schedule and with quality. They also offer post projects maintenance and ease the life of the owner. They never leave projects midway and create hassle for the project owner. If you hire more than one developers for your projects they offer additional services in form of team leader. Team leader will act as a contact point for you all. Team leader leaves you free for more important tasks. They provide latest updates regarding to the work.

Communication is vital for the success of any project. Communication is must for better understanding of the projects. Outsourcing companies provide better communication facilities for their Zen-cart developers. You can contact your Zen cart developers by email, instant messengers, live chats and by international calling system.

For betterment of your projects you should hire Zen-cart developers form outsourcing companies.

Zen Cart Developer – To Create & Maintain Online Store in Your Own Style

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Zen Cart is one of the most widely used eCommerce website development solutions in the world. It is opensource package therefore it is cheaper in compare to other proprietary software. When you installing Zen cart platform you need to change many attributes at a time and this is time consuming process but there are benefits that you can change or modify the software as per your business specific needs.

Zen Cart allows multiple language and multiple currency support thus it makes possible for you to open your business for international audience. It is the most secured platform so security is no issue for you. It has a large community which extends its supports for your queries, questions, debugging, guidance and latest updates. All the above given characteristics leads to the rise of Zen cart as a preferred ecommerce platform for many business and strip rise in the demand of Zen Cart developer. (more…)

Introduction to Joomla 1.6 – New Features, Extensions and Templates

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On December 15th, the Joomla Project announced the immediate release of Joomla! 1.6 release candidate 1. This release comes after a long series of beta’s and a lot of hard work by the development team and bug squad. Unlike the release candidates of its predecessor Joomla 1.5, the Joomla team reports there are no high or medium issues left in the bug tracker for Joomla 1.6. The team further states: “This is the first — and we hope — only release candidate release. We plan to release version 1.6.0 on 10 January 2011, assuming we don’t find any High or Medium High issues that we are unable to fix before then.” (more…)

Hire OsCommerce Developer for Professional E-Commerce website

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OsCommerce stands for open source commerce. It is a new addition of a wide array of services under e-commerce solutions that focuses on facilitating the services of selling product and services of clients via Internet. This is an open source e-commerce application heavily used by clients looking for online store.

osCommerce Online Merchant is an Open Source online shop e-commerce solution that is available for free under the GNU GPL. It features a rich set of out-of-the-box online shopping cart functionality that allows store owners to setup, run, and maintain online stores with minimum effort and with no costs, fees, or limitations involved.

Oscommerce – A free online shop program featuring order history, shopping carts, full search capability, product reviews, secure transactions, bestseller lists and many more out of box e-commerce functionalities

OsCommerce facilitate e-commerce and e-commerce is required for electronic funds transfer, chain management supply, processing online transaction, marketing over internet etc. Thus, e-commerce activities involve lots of complications and to deal with the complex system you need an expert. OsCommerce developers are experts to carry such complex operations.

To run a successful online store you need the help of an OsCommerce developer. The best OsCommerce developer is available from an outsourcing company. Outsourcing companies can hire skilled labor at cheaper rates because they are operating in developing countries where skilled labor is cheaper due to adequate supply and currency differences between the countries.

In short you can hire an OsCommerce developer at competitive prices from outsourcing companies. Many outsourcing companies offer flexible hiring schemes. They offer hiring an OsCommerce developer full time, part time or on hourly basis for multi-payment gateway solutions, custom modification and customization, custom design template integration, installation and configuration, developing OsCommerce additional modules and lots more professional-level customized solution.

Take care while you hire an OsCommerce developer. Ask their degree or education qualification before hiring. You can see their portfolio to see the level of experience in the field of OsCommerce development. Further you can ask for references so you can tally their online reputation in the market.

Check their online availability. Usually outsourcing companies offer every kind of facilities to contact your hired developer. You can contact through emails, live chats, instant messengers, international calling system, etc.

When you hire more than one developer they offer additional services of team manager. This team manager acts as a contact point for you. Team manager will provide you the latest updates regarding to your project. Team manager reduces your burden and let you free for more important tasks.

Joomla Web Development- a Powerful Tool for Building CMS and eCommerce Sites

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Joomla CustomizationJoomla Web Development is one of the best ways of building eCommerce websites with CMS systems. Its very easy to make desidred website on your own, but to get the best results its always recommended to hire a Joomla  developer.

Joomla Web Development scores higher than others CMS like WordPress, Typo3, Express Engine because of certain reasons that make it a favorable choice amongst the technical enthusiasts and business experts.

Below are some of the main reasons for it being the choice of many.

Joomla web development allows for an easy maintenance of the website and its easy to maintance content organization. Once you install it, all you have to do is go to the administrator panel and create a section and a category and you are good to go. You can also add multi media contents like images, video, mp3.  Once the website is done you caneasily update the content from the front end or through the administrator panel.

You can easily change and update Look and feel of website through Joomla Web Development.  There number of nice Joomla Templates are available you easily install any good Joomla theme of your choice.

Joomla being an open source platform flaunts the support of a huge community that keeps the updates coming. This lets Joomla web development afford to have many extensions and modules, from an image gallery to an eCommerce website. Choosing these modules is also very easy and you can simply pick and imply the modules anywhere on the pages and on any of the pages.

So with Joomla web development you can get a website that is in complete accordance with your liking. Whether it’s an ecommerce site or a simple image gallery you can design and build the kind you like without even having the knowledge of any technicalities.

Still sometimes, hiring a Joomla web developer can be a better option. If you are looking to get a highly professional website that will act as a communication point between you and your customers then it should be done through a professional so that there are no loose points anywhere, so that the website has a professional and favorable look and so that it fits the latest trends and tricks of the internet world.

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Professional Joomla Web Design and development Services India

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Open Source CMS based development software offers both small and large businesses numerous advantages over proprietary web applications and software platforms. Joomla is an open source CMS system written in PHP that helps build powerful Joomla websites and other online applications.

Get Professional Joomla Web Design and Development Services

Hire Joomla Developer
| Joomla Web Development | Hire Joomla Designer

Joomla Development
has already been considered as one of the most powerful CMS by professionals and also used all over the world to power everything from simple, personal homepages to complex corporate web applications. A major advantage of using a Joomla CMS Development is that it is user friendly and search engine friendly CMS (content management system), designer friendly, easy to install. Also, most of all the functionalities can be achieved in the website using readymade modules, components or extensions.

Gadhavi Technologies is a pool of Joomla Web Designers and Joomla Developers to provide you the best quality Joomla websites at very affordable rates. Our skilled Joomla programmer have a great amount of proficiency in Joomla Template Design, Joomla Development, Joomla Component Development, Joomla Module Development, Joomla customizations and Joomla integrations. We assist you with Joomla Content Management System required by your business and develop a fully customized web portal using Joomla and required Joomla Extensions.

We offer:

  • Hire Joomla Designer
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  • Joomla Template Customization
  • Joomla Extension Development
  • Customization of Joomla Extension
  • Joomla module , plug-in development
  • Joomla SEO Service
  • Joomla Module Installation
  • Joomla Custom Modification and Customization
  • Maintenance Work for Joomla Portals
  • Joomla Migration
  • Migrate from Joomla 1 to Joomla 1.5
  • Joomla Upgrade
  • PSD to Joomla conversion