Flash / Flex Application Development

Flash Application Development

Flash consists every things that one rich programming interface should have. From light weight vector drawing tools to animation capabilities to play in real time

Finally all coding capacities derived from Action Scripting for both client sides to server side with PHP coding integration and at present with web. The biggest support for Flash Application Development is its player that is browser compatible and it is such a way popular that its free down load has reached up to 98% usage in net users.

Flex is a highly productive, free open source framework for building and maintaining expressive flex web applications that are consistent on all major browsers, desktops, and operating systems.
Using Flex, programmers create SWF files, which are rendered by Flash Player. These flash application can run on web Browsers via Flash Player and in online/offline mode via AIR over desktops.

Advantages of Flex / Flash application development

  • Flash Application provide interactive experience through a visually rich interface.
  • Flex based application support complex business logic to run in the browser and reduce the need to refresh the page again and again.
  • Flash Application can process huge number of information at client-end without any noticeable change in performance.
  • Flex Application developed are highly customizable tailoring to customer requirements.
  • Flex provides a Strong Application Development Model that consists of Action Script and MXML.

By applying Flash / Flex / AIR / Silverlight technologies pwd can develops following applications for you.

  • Enterprise solutions: Complex solutions for different industries / businesses or their parts can be delivered as Rich Internet Applications, that can use standard protocols supported by .NET, Java, PHP technologies.
  • Games: Game development, including network multi-user games, strategies and, in particular, action games with many special / FX effects.
  • Web site and web application design: Flash and Silverlight technologies used when creating e-shops and stock-exchange-related projects allow you to avoid a number of problems regarding a dynamic reaction of the software application behind your site to the various actions of web site visitors. The use of a animation created automatically in banners also fits this area.
  • Development of user interface elements: This includes dynamic cursors, buttons and many other elements. Flash/flex developers from pwd are able to create many interesting animated effects related to program reaction on user actions. The effects created with the help of the animation tools immensely differ from the effects created with the help of standard tools. Animated effects are more selective, for example, tracing of mouse movement directions and frequency of button click.
  • Web and non-web presentations: You can get an unlimited set of animation effects for a more vivid and visual illustration of your information.
  • Animated movies and Flash cartoons. The “videos” for example, for animation of background processes in your solution. Unlike usual animations, Flash can create a complicated and unique movement for you. Share your ideas with us and we will design more interesting movements depending on user actions and the essence of your web solution / business application.
  • Animation of various technological processes and statistic data. Animation is an effective means for demonstrating physical processes, building mathematical dependence graphs and diagrams in the form of voting, presenting statistic or dynamic information. This
    approach is perfect for developing a courseware and e-Learning applications.
  • Video and voice chats. Even in this area, Flash technologies allow achieving quick and high quality results.