Flash / Flex Website Development

We are working for Interactive, Conceptual, Creative, Animated web site with use of the Flash/Flex technology. With awareness of the technologies, we are providing static as well as dynamic website. Static web site means, all the content will be within the file which would be fixed. Dynamic web site means, content would be came from Database, programming language; XML, Web service etc.

To make web site more interactive, we can use sound, video, image, text etc, as well as other software like Photoshop, After Effect etc.

We have a team who having great experience with Flash/Flex Technologies, who can design complete Flash website, providing you exiting, fresh and interactive interface using advanced Action Script. and we also providing a facility of integrating Flash/Flex with XML, PHP, Coldfusion and ASP.net Programming, to adore the advanced & Dynamic requirements of website.