Flash / Flex Integration

Flash / Flex Integration Service India

We have  skilled and qualified web professionals for Flash / Flex Integration for your Projects and related web services, to cope up with today’s market standards.

Flash / Flex Application requires dynamic data creating to load and save from the database needs integration to other languages to carry on the task in a legitimate programmatic manner.

Flash & Flex Integration Properties

You may be well aware of the properties of Flash and Flex some of them are given below:

  • Adobe Flash CS3 -CS4
    • No fast code generation
    • No real CSS Support i.e. Out of the Box
    • Limited Component
    • Design & Drawing Tool
    • Timeline and Animation
    • “Plays well” with other Adobe products
  • Adobe Flex Builder
    • No Drawing Tools – Fine Art
    • No Timeline, other wise programmable : Enter Frame
    • Forms / Validation
    • Layout, Skinning and CSS
    • Component Framework
    • AS3 Coding Environment

When these Flash / Flex are integrated with each other as well as with other applications & programming language then the resulting API would have following properties:

    • It gives user demanded – Browser based Applications
    • Well integrated with HTML, JavaScript and XML
    • Skinning and Look / Feel are better
    • More Bling ! – Transitions, Effects and Coding (AS2)
    • Desktop Integration
    • Interactive Design

Thus conclusively we can say that Web Standards are met with efficient integration to make the applications run smoothly and bug free, for which requires experts in integrating the application for proper Deployment.
We offer Flash / Flex integration of other programming languages suitable as per the Project requirements. For Flash / Flex base Applications Integration with languages like PHP, .Net, Java, VB, CF, C#, Soap.

.NET integration

In collaboration with the Flex Web Service proxy, a Rich Internet Application (RIA) delivered with Flex can invoke web services located on a remote machine in a loosely coupled fashion, or it can be used in a more tightly coupled way to bind a rich client interface to middleware exposed through a web service application programming interface (API). For middleware residing in the .NET architecture, this offers a simple way of performing .NET integration.

SOAP integration

In many enterprises, standards-based support is considered to be of paramount importance; consequently, Flex is capable of wrapping the invocation of methods and the passing of data between client and server as Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) calls.

As developers, we can use the Remote object features of Flex without having to get our hands dirty with SOAP, but can assure management that all client-server communication is a standards-based SOAP message transfer underneath the covers.