Hire 3D/2D Animator

Looking for a 3D/2D Animators, than you are at right place to get the proper solutions and projects delivered to you in time. We, having experienced professionals for 2D & 3D animation, can provide you the excellent work in efficient manner. Interactive media or web media, our professionals are equipped to handle any projects to cater the technology and trends present in today’s market.

Hire 2D animator for the projects related to 2D animation like character animation, story base, key framed animations or line art base. Hire 3D Animators for 3D Animation like walkthroughs, presentations, videos with text graphics effects.

We have animators with imagination and aesthetic vision along with expert skill, this makes it possible for them to bring in that elusive artistic talent that is so important to your projects. For which we have a categorized plans for Hire.

Hiring schemes:

You can hire dedicated 2D Animator / 3D Animator from GT according to your needs; on monthly, weekly, daily, hourly contract basis.

Fulltime Hiring:

  • 8 hours a day & 22 Days / month
  • Total: 160 hours / month
  • Minimum period of hiring: 2 months
  • Billing: Monthly

Parttime Hiring:

  • 4 hours a day & 22 Days / month
  • Total: 80 hours / month
  • Minimum period of hiring: 2 months
  • Billing: Monthly

Hourly Hiring:

  • Any Duration
  • No Minimum Period
  • Billing: Weekly Advance

Please feel free to fill up the instant inquiry form for some other skill set/packages which is not mentioned here, Or custom requirements.