Magento eCommerce Web Development

Are you in search of a feature rich open source eCommerce solution?
Do you need eCommerce development with minimum customization?
Do you need good open source eCommerce web development with good architecture and user-friendly interface?

Magento is the ultimate solution of your needs. Magento eCommerce Platform is robust, scalable, user friendly and rich in feature open source eCommerce solution.

Magento is a Open Source eCommerce Development Platform

As an open source platform Magento eCommerce Web Development allows developers to fix things and add new features. This way you can get fully customized software that is able to fulfill your business specific needs.

Attractive Features of Magento Ecommerce Web Development

Magento has all the features that require implementing a good eCommerce platform.

Flexible pricing

Magento eCommerce Framework gives flexibility in pricing by its pricing rules, which facilitates stores to create many marketing promotions, likes coupons, discounts, and special sales. When you say, ‘purchase this one and get that one’, customers like this phrase a lot and same way the word ‘coupon’.

Average Order Value

Magento ecommerce web development also comes equipped with powerful tools that help maximize order value. Up-selling in the shopping cart or cross-selling on product pages are only some of the things that build on both the quantity and quality of a store’s customer relationships.

Social Shopping

Product browsing option of Magento includes reviews, group specific pricing, wish lists, eNewsletter and facilities to send with an e-mail etc. make it lucrative for its customers/users.

Site Management

There are chances that a single firm runs multiple stores or many websites at a time. With Magento you do not need to go for admin for each store or site but you can manage it with a single admin panel and can share as much or as little information you need.
Magento ecommerce supports multiple languages as well as currencies. Besides these it also supports localization. There is a good content management system for informational pages.


Shipping options from Magento has made easy the shopping at your computer desk without spending any penny on the fuel charges of your vehicle.

  • Shipping to multiple addresses in one order
  • On-site order tracking from customer accounts
  • Multiple shipments per order
  • Ability to specify allowed destination countries per method
  • Free shipping

All are favorable features for shipping with Magento.


This is the most vital issue for an eCommerce customer. Payment through multiple channels is a lucrative option whereas secure payment is additional advantage with Magento.

Magento offers Order Management, Customer Services and Catalogue Management, these are the features most sought after by an eCommerce store manager.


Yes, mobile commerce is the taste of the recent generation. People can shop from anywhere and at anytime. Magento ecommerce platform offers mobile optimized version of your eCommerce store.

It allows retailers and manufacturers to automatically detect browser information and provide mobile customers either the full site catalog or a tailored selection of products. On the spot payment options with M-commerce smoothens the growth of your eCommerce store.

SEO friendly

Search engine is an important factor for maximum exposure of your store and Magento ecommerce supports the search engine features in a commendable manner as compared to other eCommerce platforms. Its URLs re-writer and automatically sitemap generating features make the job easy for your SEO consultant.

Magento Developer at GT

After looking into the depth you may convince yourself for Magento eCommerce so now we would like to assure you that GT would bring all benefits to your Magento eCommerce web development and have a robust eCommerce store is a reality for you.

At GT we have expert team of Magento Developer who can customise the magento as per custom requirements as well as development a custom Magento ecommerce Templates.

Other services from GT include

  • Magento eCommerce Design & Development
  • SEO for Magento Website
  • Payment Gateway Integration using Magento
  • Magento Online Store Development
  • Magento Themes / Magento ecommerce templates Design
  • Magento Implementation
  • Magento Support & Maintenance work
  • Magento Implementation
  • Hire Mangeto Developer

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