WordPress Theme Development and Integration

WordPress Theme Development and Integration

WordPress themes are just like website templates. A theme is a group of templates that WordPress uses when it displays your site content on the browser to your visitors. It does establish how your site will look to the visitors.

A WordPress theme controls the GUI of your site and where on the page individual items such as header, menu options, content areas, sidebars, and footer are displayed. The main style sheet will defines the color, font, titles and other GUI components. So you just need to do little and the change will be reflected throughout the website.

There are thousands of Themes available free, but if you want a custom or unique look for you website you need to develop custom built themes which is compatible with WordPress CMS.

The amazing thing about WordPress themes is that you can install a new theme OR switch between themes with a single click of mouse and your website will be reflected with complete new look instantly.
Our WordPress Theme Design and Integration Service

Though it’s very simple to change and manage the website using WordPress as CMS, you need support to develop a custom built WordPress theme through the help of experts. If you are looking to develop OR integrate your own custom and unique WordPress theme, our specialist team of designers and integrators are ready to help you taking care of all requirements.

WordPress Theme Integration Service

  • If you are looking for a new website with entirely new design, we and put together a team of design, develop and WordPress integration to provide a new solution. We have a group of expert tech creative’s that take on almost any project OR challenge.
  • If you already have a website, we can integrate it to WordPress. Your site will look exactly the same as previous one, and you will have a Content Management System to simplify the website management process.
  • If you are a Developer or Designer we can help you out to convert your design in to proper CSS based HTML and can create a WordPress Templates.

We like the challenges, if you have completely unique design and integration requirement for WordPress theme development we are ready to do it

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