6 way to Joomla Zen Cart Integration

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Joomla Zen Cart Integration

Zen Cart has been a much better an e-commerce solution. It has a rich feature set which rivals some of the commercial carts available. Customers love to user Zen cart due to below advantage of Zen cart.

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Advantage of Zen carts:

  • Easy installation
  • Multiple customer modes
  • Unlimited category depth
  • Multiple sales and discounts
  • Unlimited extra pages
  • Multiple payment options
  • Multiple shipping options
  • Discount coupons
  • Gift certificates
  • Multiple language
  • Completely customizable

Disadvantage of Zen cart:

  • Poor pages functionality.
  • No CMS  functionality.

Why Zen Cart integration with Joomla

Only Big Disadvantage of Zen Cart is lack of CMS functionality. Now Joomla is one of Best and leading Content Management System. Joomla has Virtuemart e-commerce extension but that is not as better as Zen Cart. So people are trying to integrate one of best e-commerce system with best CMS system.

Zen Cart is capable of being a complete site including a content management system like Joomla. Though if you have large amounts of textual content or articles then Joomla would probably be better. If your focus is e-commerce then it has to be Zen Cart.

Below are various option to integrate Joomla and Zen cart.

1) Zen Cart as a wrapper in Joomla

You can use Zen cart as wrapper in Joomla. For that you need to create matching template of Joomla and Zen Cart, Especially header, footer and overall theme of Joomla and Zen cart need to be very similar.


  • No Much programming work involved
  • Easily Design Integration can be done


  • No real synchronization of order, user or product.
  • You need to user both system is separate admin.
  • User need to register in both system if Joomla registration is needed.
  • Bottlenecks for great design customization.

2) Joomla as a Wrapper of  Zencart

You can also use Joomla as wrapper of Zencart. Create Ez-page in zen cart and  gave it a title and so on THEN,  use the HTML Tool <> to edit the HTML on the new page directly.

3) Use Easy Embed template

The Easy Embed template is a ZenCart template that allows you to create an HTML wrapper to insert ZenCart.. It is the ZenCart template for folks who have an existing website, but would like to add ZenCart while still using their existing site design.. Seemed like the way to go if I wanted to use Joomla with ZenCart..

Here’s how to implement

Create an HTML wrapper with the same header and footer as Joomla site so that when you go from Joomla to ZenCart it will look seemless.
After that all you had to do a little work to synch the two stylesheets so that both Joomla and ZenCart looked and acted alike.

Download Link:

4) Joomlazen
You can use Zen Cart as Joomla Component its also called Joomla Zen Cart Component. It is good try to synchronize Joomla and Zen Cart. You can use this for small site which doesn’t have much customization

Price: Free

5) Jzen complete
The JZen complete bundle includes the bridge which will allow users to register and login to Joomla and automatically be added to your Zencart user base or register in Zen Cart and be added to Joomla! user base.

This bridge does not alter the user databases in such a way that Joomla! or Zen Cart cannot run independently, therefore if you decide to uninstall Joomla or Zen Cart the other component will still function normally.


  • JZen Best Seller
  • JZen Categories
  • JZen Featured Items
  • JZen Specials
  • JZen What’s New

Price : $75

6) Joozen

JooZen is a component that gives full integration of Zen-Cart v1.3.8a into Joomla 1.5.x. The component uses a single Joomla authentication system for both front and back-ends (Single Sigh-Up, single Login and single, extended user panel ).

Price: Euro 75

All Solution has some advantage and disadvantage you can choose as per your requirement you also Hire our expert for Joomla or Zen Cart Customization work.

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