Hire Dedicated Professional Web Designers

You may need to hire high skilled web designers and web graphic designers either for work on your new project or maintenance of current project.

You are at right place!

Hire web designers and web graphic designers! More than 05 year experience in outsource web development and offshore web development.

We provides you a highly creative and skilled professional web designers and Web Graphic designers to hire on hourly or monthly basis. We have industry best resources and expertise within our team to fulfill the all project requirements.

Reasons for Hiring offshore Professional Web Designers

People want to save themselves from bearing the recruitment costs, retention costs, fringe benefits, promotion, infrastructure costs, training costs, etc.

Choice of employment

Team of PWD consists of large pool of skills and expertise. You are free to choose any one you like for your project as a best of breed personal.

Developer/programmer just working for you

You will have dedicated developer/programmer working just for you as your own employee offshore; without incurring that huge costs and hiring expenditures.

Save maintenance cost and taxes

You won’t charge for any hidden costs involved so you can save yourself from huge maintenance and taxes too.


We facilitate you by offering services in shifts so you can work with your own timing and adjustments. You will get your work done irrespective of your own locations.
You will stay connected with your team by 24×7 ways and would have regular update from your Web Designers. You may contact us or your team with any Instant Messengers like Yahoo, MSN, Skype or Gtalk. All communication would be done in international English so it may be a plus point for you.

Third party rights and source code authentications

You will owe the rights of reselling the codes, applications, and work done to the third party. Thus you will owe the rights of the source codes.

Hiring schemes:

You can hire professional web designers from pwd according to your needs; on monthly, weekly, daily, hourly contract basis.

Monthly scheme:

  • 7 hours a day and contracted for a month
  • Total: around 172 hours per months
  • Minimum period of hiring: One month
  • Billing: Monthly

Weekly scheme:

  • 7 hours a day and 6 days in a week
  • Total: 40 hours per week
  • Minimum period of hiring: One week
  • Billing: Weekly

Daily scheme:

  • Minimum period of hiring: 20 hours
  • Billing: Daily

Billing is only for actual working days and excluding public holidays / non-working days. Holidays: Saturday, Sunday and Indian National/Regional Holidays.

Please feel free to contact our Business Development Executive for some other skill set/packages which is not mentioned here.