Website Mockup / Prototype Design

  • Do you want to get a proper idea of the website / application that you want to get built before it does?
  • Do you think that having a rough draft of your website made will help you avoid any mistakes or other complications in the final product?
  • Do you want to know the exact cost of your web applications?

If yes, then what you need is a Mockup Design.

While building something as complicated as a business application or a social networking site that has many functionality and multiple features, you need to take utmost care so that nothing goes wrong. In such a scenario it will be much better if you could have an option of seeing the basic design and functional features of the website so that you can finalize without having to make any changes once the final product is in hand.

This is where Mockup Design Services at GT can come to serve you to the best of your profit. We create mockups keeping exact requirements in mind so that there is no confusion or complication further in the project.

Some of the major points we keep in mind are

  • The clients like simple layouts.
  • Highlight their services, job opportunities and employee services
  • Provide a list of available jobs / activity on every page.
  • Navigation needs to be simple.
  • Incorporate flash animation element on the homepage.
  • Provide important and relevant keywords to make it SEO friendly
  • Keeping the company logo / color as central theme, design the rest around it.

So if you have design in your mind and want to see it in full effect, contact us to avail our services and get benefited.